September 12-16, 2022

The Language Career Summit

An Actual Fluency Event

Turn your passion for languages into a rewarding and profitable career or side-hustle, with over 25 free, practical, step-by-step sessions.

From University Professors to Professional YouTubers, and everything in between. Whether you're taking your very first steps into a language career, or you're pivoting from something else - we've got you covered!

Update: September 16 - Event is now finished!

Thank you everyone who participated, our wonderful speakers, and to everyone who picked up a Supporter ticket. We really appreciate it.

See you in 2023 for the 2nd annual edition of The Language Career Summit!

Welcome to a Modern "Career Day"-Event for the Foreign Language Industry

Languages are beautiful. They offer an unparalleled way to connect with other people and cultures, opening up the door for extraordinary experiences, impact, and personal achievement.

We're inspired by the "Career Day" - where representatives from industries, universities, and people who have made careers come and inspire and share their journey. 

But, instead of showing up for a university or conference centre somewhere, we're taking this experience online, so anyone can participate, from anywhere.

Plus, with our free ticket people from any country can participate, regardless of income or social upbringing. We do not want money to be a limiting factor in any way.

In the future, we want to invite many more course providers, universities, businesses, and even governments to participate - to make this the number one premier event for language careers in the world.

A Modern Twist

One of our primary areas is the traditional career paths involved in translation, interpretation, linguistics, and academia. However, we're also including a lot of modern career paths, that anyone can follow. From social media, to YouTube, to teaching online via Zoom, and many, many other careers.

This way we seek to combine the new, and the old, into a stronger and more powerful display of what's actually possible

Here's what the Language Career Summit will cover this year:

- Teaching Languages Online

- Blogging and Podcasting

- YouTube and Social Media

- Coaching and Consulting

- Academic Careers

- Translation and Interpretation

- Starting your own language business

And much, much more!

In short, a wide and comprehensive set of applicable ideas and strategies that anyone can use to forge a new career, build a side-hustle, or simply improve their existing activities for extra income.

What is the Language Career Summit

The Language Career Summit is a brand new, online conference, that gives practical steps for how you can use your interest or passion in languages to shape a life-long career, a bit of extra money on the side - and anything in between.

Over 5 separate days, we'll have daily presentations from accomplished language industry professionals, sharing their knowledge and wisdom of how anyone can be successful.

Traditional & New

The Language Career Summit features both traditional careers (like translation or interpreting) as well as modern avenues of language careers such as content creation, language teaching online, and everything in between.

And, these "paths" are not exclusive - far from it!

Many people working in a full-time language career are able to generate additional income on the side by following some of the ideas shared in the Language Career Summit.

Or, you might just find your career so encompassing that you stick to it. 

And that's fine too.


Many of our speakers have built their dream lifestyle and business, starting from nothing.

Through the exciting presentations and interviews, we'll dig deep into what it takes to start and grow your own side-hustle into a full-time income business..

Totally Free to Attend

The Language Career Summit essentially teaches anyone how to make money with their language passion or interest, absolutely for free.

I don't want anyone's financial situation be a deterrent for building a cool career, making more money, or building their own business.

Our optional ALL ACCESS PASS gives people who have the means, the ability to get a range of cool bonuses, including access to replays and exclusive Q&A sessions.

"I choose Languages!"

From Kris Broholm, 
Founder of Actual Fluency and the Language Career Summit

Back in 2014, I was hopelessly lost.

I was stuck doing a university degree I did not care about, I was depressed and never left the house.

Before this I had had a few boring, dead-end jobs that didn't pay well, and didn't have a well defined career path or obvious-next-steps (both of which are important.)

Plus, I was taking the maximum student loan I could on a monthly basis, slowly accumulating to quite a significant amount of money.

(Not as extreme as the US loan market, but still, for a country like Denmark with free universities it was quite a lot!)

And I never graduated, so in a sense I accumulated this debt for absolutely no reason.

So, needless to say I was broke, and felt completely stuck.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my life, but I knew this wasn't it.

One day I was so fed up and desperate to make some positive change, I started writing blog posts and recording podcast episodes about language learning on a complete whim.

From a young age I always enjoyed foreign languages, and teachers always told me that I had an ear for languages.

So, I chose language learning as my area of interest, or my career "category."

It was the start of Actual Fluency.

Back then, I never imagined it would ever be anything more than a waste of time.

But, slowly people started tuning in.

I started getting the odd email with feedback (positive or negative)

And I earned my first $1.

I remember it quite vividly.

I was recommending a book on Amazon, Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis, and a handful of my audience picked it up through my referral link which pays a tiny commission.

It wasn't exactly a fortune. But, importantly, it was proof of concept.

I realised, that you can make money online without asking for permission first. 

You just have to do it.

This was in 2014, a lot has happened since then and, arguably, it's become even easier.

The Gatekeepers are gone.

❌ You don't need a publisher to write and sell a book

❌ You don't need a radio channel to start a podcast

❌ You don't need a television studio to produce YouTube videos.

Spurred on by this sudden success - after not experiencing much in terms of success for previous part of my life - I continued.

And I haven't looked back since.

It didn't take off immediately. Far from it.

But, today I can say that since 2019 the Actual Fluency Project has been providing a full-time living (and more) to me.

It's given me the opportunity to settle down in beautiful Portugal, meet amazing people, and best of all, design my ideal lifestyle.

But, here's the really cool part...

You don't actually have to write blog posts or record podcast episodes to be successful in 2022 and beyond..

There's a MILLION ways to do it!

Like teaching, translating, or interpreting, just to name a few.

This is where the Language Career Summit comes in.

It's a wide demonstration of just what's possible, straight from the people who have actually done it.

And not just that. 

It's a lot of practical step-by-step information, so you can take immediate action on your dreams and goals.


What is the Language Career Summit?

The Language Career Summit is a virtual conference, featuring exciting and informative presentations. The aim is to show how anyone can use language skills or interests to make money and build careers with.

We'll have teacher-trainers, expert teachers, and industry experts share their experience and expertise so you can shortcut the process!

Who is behind the Language Career Summit?

The event is organised by Actual Fluency, which was founded by Kris Broholm back in 2014. 

What does it cost to attend the Language Career Summit?

Attendance is 100% free. 

With the free ticket, each session is watchable for 24 hours after release. After this it will be locked in the Language Career Summit Vault, only available to ALL ACCES PASS holders and above.

What's included with the ALL ACCES PASS?

The ALL ACCES PASS has no time restrictions on the recordings, and also includes a range of bonuses:

✅ Lifetime Access to all Recordings

✅ 5 Exclusive Sessions just for ALL ACCES PASS holders

✅ Access to the Actual Fluency Community for accountability, networking and getting your questions answered.

✅ Download any sessions in video, audio, or PDF

Why do you focus so much on the money?

This is what is important for a lot of people. We want to help people make money with their language skills and or passion, whether it's English, French, or Swahili.

Plus, you'll be able to make a much bigger difference in your life and the world if you don't have to worry about how to eat or a roof over your head.

I'm already teaching online - will I get anything out of attending?

Yes! You're off to a great start and by attending the Language Career Summit you'll be able to learn strategies for growing your language business to a whole new level. This means reducing the hours you work, creating passive income, and raising your prices at the right moment.

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